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911 for Kids

MVRDA is proud to participate in the Red E Fox public education program. The program targets school aged children from Kindergarten to Grade 3. The Red E Fox program is presented in the school classroom and is delivered in both English and Spanish.​
Red E Fox is a full-size costumed mascot that talks about how to properly identify emergencies and home to dial 9-1-1. Red E Fox is always accompanied by at least one “human” handler who leads the classroom instruction. Whenever possible, Red E is also accompanied by a uniformed member of the local law enforcement, fire service, or emergency medical services agency. Request for a Red E Fox classroom presentation requires a minimum of thirty (30) days advanced notice. ​
To request Red E, please send an e-mail to:   
Please include the following information in your e-mail:

  • Contact person(s) (Individuals requesting/responsible)
  • Type of event/presentation (Classroom, outdoor event, etc.)
  • Date of event
  • Time of event
  • Exact location of event
  • Estimate # of children (including age ranges) & adults in attendance
  • Spanish materials required?
  • Is Red E Fox mascot requested?
  • Any special requests?
  • Will other agencies be in attendance? Who?
  • Is there any outside funding for this event?​
Note:  If the Red E Fox mascot is requested at any event there must be a secure, out-of-sight area available where the mascot can dress/undress and cool off.
The mascot costume can become very hot for the wearer. Therefore, for outdoor events, Red E. Fox may be limited to appearances of 15-20 minutes followed by appropriate time to cool down.
All Red E. Fox presentations are contingent on funding.
To request a Red E Fox presentation:
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