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Hugo Costa Jr, ENP

Executive Director

(575) 647-6801

Albert Flores

Deputy Director

(575) 647-6802

Jennifer Gorham

Admin Services Manager

(575) 647-6803

Chrishana Zacarias

Administrative Assistant

(575) 647-6824

Ashley Madrid

Administrative Assistant

(575) 647-6805

The administrative staff at MVRDA serves the role of planning, coordinating, budgeting, and setting policy for the organization.  Shift scheduling, staff development and human resources functions fall within the duties of the department.
The administrative staff also atrives to ensure the best customer service to our partner angencies and general public. 
The administrative team consists of the Executive Director, the Deputy Director, the Administrative Services Manager, and the Administrative Assistant.
Executive Director
The Executive Director is responsible for all management and administrative operations of the Mesilla Valley Regional Dispatch Authority (MVRDA) consolidated communication center in order to ensure that efficient emergency services and related activities are rendered to user agencies and the customers it servers.
Essential job functions include:
  • Manages the operation of the consolidated emergency communication center ensuring that efficient emergency services are rendered to user agencies and the customers it serves.
  • Establishes and is responsible for required staffing of the communication center.
  • Develops, implements annual budget and ensures the department operates within established budget allocations.
  • Monitors and ensures operability of the Computer Aided Dispatch, Priors, and Jail Systems, which includes associated hardware/software and radio systems for the affiliated MVRDA agencies.
  • Identify and apply for grant revenues for MVRDA operations.
  • Implements policies adopted by MVRDA Board of Directors to include ordinances, policies and procedures, as well as governing federal and state laws, guidelines and standards.
  • Generates and submits monthly reports to the MVRDA Board of Directors regarding center operations.
  • Represents MVRDA to local user agencies and various state agencies.
  • Develops training programs to ensure personnel maintain technical skills and stay up to date on technology.
  • Develop and implement short and long-term plans and activities.
Deputy Director
The Deputy Director oversees the day-to-day operations of the 9-1-1 Center. Provides management and supervision to the employees who perform a variety of routine clerical, administrative and technical work in receiving and dispatching emergency and non-emergency information. Oversees the Quality Assurance Program; keeps official records; and, assists in the administration of the policies and procedures and standard operating guidelines of the Mesilla Valley Regional Dispatch Authority (MVRDA).
Essential job functions include:
  • Works under the supervision of the Executive Director of MVRDA and manages the day-to-day operations of the MVRDA.
  • Directly Supervises Communications Center Supervisors and support staff.
  • Participates in the selection and hiring of MVRDA personnel; provides input for Training Supervisor; works with employees to correct deficiencies; recommends and implements disciplinary procedures, conducts performance evaluations of supervisors and reviews performance evaluations of Telecommunicators and Call Takers.
  • Oversees the agency Quality Assurance Program. Can and may supervise and monitor telephones and radio in the emergency dispatch center.
  • Develops the work schedules for MVRDA Supervisors and Telecommunicators to ensure adequate staffing of the emergency dispatch center.
  • Oversees the training division of MVRDA.
  • Inputs data to standard office and department forms – both manual and automated.
  • Assists with developing, revising and enforcing department policies, procedures and operating standards.
  • Meets with staff to provide assistance in resolving problems, conflicts and issues involving policies, procedures, goals and objectives.
  • Assists the Executive Director in developing and monitoring the budget for the MVRDA.
  • Proofreads all material, including the work of others, to ensure accuracy of typing, grammar, and content before material is released.
  • Attends seminars, workshops, and periodic training classes in communications.
  • Assists the Executive Director of MVRDA in various projects as requested.
Administrative Services Manager
The Administrative Services Manager oversees the daily clerical operations of the MVRDA office in order to ensure effective administrative support.
Essential job functions include:
  • Composes, drafts and accurately generates various documents such as letters, memoranda, reports, and similar documents utilizing personal computer with related software. Proofreads all material, includes the work of others, to ensure accuracy of typing, grammar, and content before material released.
  • Accurately processes bi-weekly payroll with scheduled deadlines. Reviews Payroll Report. Picks up paychecks and distributes. Addresses payroll questions with employees.
  • Maintains a filing system which provides for easy retrieval of documents. Maintains department records and personnel files current according to Records Management Policy.
  • Maintains Director’s calendar, scheduling and preparing for various meetings.
  • Schedules travel arrangements for MVRDA Director and staff, which includes ensuring adequate funds are available; preparing conference/training registrations; scheduling hotel accommodations, flight and shuttle arrangements, and car rentals.
  • Submits work requests for building, office equipment, and computer maintenance to appropriate entity.
  • Picks up and disseminates City and County mail.
  • Processes payments for invoices.
  • Submits employee training requests to the appropriate entity.
  • Maintains and updates manuals, financial records, documents, budgets, contracts, accounts, databases, others.
  • Responsible for purchasing activities, adhering to procurement code and budget allocations.
  • Schedules MVRDA Board meetings, prepares agenda and meeting notices and takes meeting minutes. Distributes agenda packets to MVRDA Board members.
  • Prepares Resolutions and related documents.
  • Assists in preparing the fiscal year budget which includes research, creating reports, analyzing.
  • Keeps Directors and staff informed of changes in department policies/procedures and clerical functions.
  • Uses initiative and individual judgment to respond to requests/complaints and convey information to brief the Director on matters of concern in the department and functions in assigned area of responsibility. 
  • Coordinator for Human Resources, FMLA, Workers Compensation, Payroll, and Department of Labor.
  • Schedules and/or participates in interviews, drug and hearing testing of new hires.
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