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Alarm Systems (City of Las Cruces)

Chrishana Zacarias

Administrative Assistant

(575) 647-6805

Ashley Madrid

Administrative Assistant

(575) 647-6805

In January 2013, the Las Cruces City Council enacted a new Alarm Ordinance.

The ordinance was created to address problems with the large number of false alarms reported to  the Las Cruces Police and Fire Departments.
It was created after studying how others jurisdictions address the problem, public input meetings, and meetings with members of the alarm industry.
The ordinance is intended to reduce the number of false alarms by:
  • Requiring alarm monitoring companies to make two phone calls to the alarm site to determine if the alarm was accidently activated.
  • Deter false activations by creating fines for alarm sites with repeated false alarms.
  • Identify nuisance alarms sites and only respond to these alarm sites when an emergency has been verified by a means other than the alarm.
  • Require new alarms systems to be installed with equipment designed to prevent false alarms.
The MVRDA Alarm Systems Department has been selected by the City of Las Cruces to administer their Alarm Ordinance. MVRDA will collect all alarm registration fees, monitor the instances of false alarms, and issue fines for three or more false alarms per year.
To Register or make an online payment click here ====>


  • Commercial Alarm - $25.00

  • Residential Alarm - $25.00

NOTE: We accept Visa, Mastercard & Discover

  • Mailed payments to 911 Lake Tahoe Ct Las Cruces, NM 88007

  • We also accept check and money order 

  • In Person Payments - we will accept check, money order, or any of the above cards listed

False Alarm Fine Waiver
REGISTERED Alarm Systems user's FIRST time false alarm fines ($100.) can be waived upon the successful completion of an
"Alarm User Awareness Class" as per section 4-36 of the Las Cruces Alarm Ordinance.
The online Awareness Class can be completed at no cost.
"Request for First Time Waiver" form can be obtained by clicking below.
Just submit the completed form along with a copy of your "Alarm School Certificate"
to obtain a fine waiver.

Note: UNREGISTERED users are not eligible for first time fine waiver.
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