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MVRDA Departments

Zabrina Feldman - Shift Supervisor

Rebecca Najera - Shift Supervisor

Donna Rel - Shift Supervisor

Ellie Mae Apodaca - Shift Supervisor

Provides 911 Call Taking and Emergency Dispatch for all of Dona Ana County.

Jennifer Gorham - Interim Executive Director

Albert Flores - Deputy Director

Jennifer Gorham - Admin Services Mgr

Chrishana Zacarias - Admin Assistant

Ashley Madrid - Admin Assistant

The administrative staff oversees all aspects of MVRDA operations to include planning, budgeting, staffing, public relations and interagency coordination.

Chrishana Zacarias

Ashley Madrid

Manages the Alarm Registration and False Alarm Monitoring program for the City of Las Cruces Alarm Systems ordinance.

Daniel Gutierrez - Administrator

Provides updated maps for dispatch computers and mobile data terminals (MDT) in emergency vehicles. Verifies master street address guide (MSAG) to match telephone numbers with addresses.

Dale Huitt - Network Systems


William Pearson- I.T. Technician

Maintains computer servers and telephone equipment and provides tech support to end users. Maintains data security and continuity of operations backup systems.

Access point for the National Crime Information Center criminal records system. Maintains all criminal warrants housed at MVRDA. Custodian of records for 911 audio files and written logs.

Robert Milks - NCIC Coordinator

Briana Shannon - NCIC Assistant

Cory Murphy - QA Specialist

Reviews records to evaluate staff performance. Works with Medical Director on the Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) program. Serves as liaison between MVRDA and public safety agencies.

Keith Dawson - Training Supervisor

Conducts training for new Call Taker and Dispatcher trainees. Maintains continuing education training records. Coordinates public education training.

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