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Emergency Notification

MVRDA uses the CodeRED (Reverse 911) system for wide-area Emergency Notification for all of Doña Ana County.
The CodeRED system is a mass communication tool used to notify citizens of critical situations, crime alerts, extreme weather conditions, and other vital information deemed to be in the public safety interest of the citizens and property of Doña Ana County, New Mexico. The system is an internet browser computer system that uses a combination of an address database and GIS mapping technology.
The system can send out messages to a specific geographic area, or a specific list of streets, households, or individuals, with a common interest. In addition to a voice message via telephone, the CodeRED System has the capability to leave a message on an answering machine, e-mail address, or SMS text message. Even if an individual's telephone is busy at the time, the system can redial that number at predetermined intervals.
Some of the situations where the CodeRED System can be used for are:


  • Evacuations or information concerning critical incidents.
  • Shelter in place notifications.
  • Extreme weather conditions.
  • SWAT Activity Alerts to a specific area.
  • Missing or endangered children and elderly adults.
  • Public Health emergency situations.
The CodeRED system also has a self- registration portal. This self-registration portal gives the public the opportunity to enter additional contact information to receive a notification. Examples would be cell phone numbers, work numbers, and business numbers. Also, e-mail and SMS text messages are now available through an opt-in process. If a notification was to be issued in the area of your home and/or your business the notification would also be sent to any additional numbers you listed in the self-registration portal.
Click the link BELOW to access the CodeRED self-registration portal.

The CodeRED Mobile Alert app – the nation’s most downloaded public safety notification app – enables subscribers to receive these notifications directly to their mobile device whether at home, on the road, or traveling around the country.

These mobile push notifications deliver relevant, location-based alerts based on GPS location to ensure you receive critical information when you are in a CodeRED agency's jurisdiction.

Click the links to the LEFT to download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app to your mobile device!

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