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Quality Assurance

Cory Murphy

Quality Assurance Specialist

(575) 647-6804

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Quality Assurance is a process by which we measure dispatcher and call taker performance against expected standards, agency policies, and public expections to determine the quality of service being delivered to pur partner agencies and the public we serve.
By using Quality Assurance process, we strive to identify our center’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the insight to support those strengths, confront the challenges and motivate our staff. We evaluate our operations against national standards, to remedy shortcomings and to enhance the standard of care provided. 
Quality Assurance educates management on areas for development and improvement that result in a more responsive 911 operation – one that demonstrates both flexibility to change as requirements change and adherence to operational principles that greatly reduce risk and potential for error. With QA, supervisors can make recommendations for change and establish standards of excellence on the communications floor.
Quality Assurance Committee
The Quality Assurance Committee meets monthly to conduct "case reviews" on 9-1-1 calls for service and incidents dispatched by MVRDA staff. The Quality Assurance Officer along with the personnel involved in the incident dispatching, responding agencies, and the MVRDA Medical Director review all aspects of the incident. Feedbackis then provided to those employees that were working the incident under review. Any "lessons learned" are also passed along to MVRDA staff. The review process provides an opportunity to identify any problems so that they can be corrected as well as to recognize a job well done and provide positive feedback.
MVRDA User Group
The MVRDA User Group meets monthly to discuss operational issues. The group consists of the Quality Assurance Officer, MVRDA Supervisors, and suporvisory staff from the law enforcement agencies, fire departments and EMS services dispatched by MVRDA. These professionals come together to review operating policies and procedures to help ensure the best possible service to the public safety agencies and the general public.
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