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Raquel Grijalva

Training Supervisor

(575) 647-6830

The MVRDA Training Department is responsible for two main areas of training. The first is initial training for new-hires. The second is continuing education training for all MVRDA staff.
The Training Department also works closely with the Quality Assurance Officer to offer remedial training and refresher training programs when necessary.
The Training Supervisor oversees a group of Communications Training Officers (CTOs) who train and mentor new-hires during the hands-on portion of their training.
So You Want to be a 911 Dispatcher?
New employees seeking to work in 9-1-1 Operations are hired as Telecommunications Trainees. These trainees enter into a rigorous 8-week training program that includes both classroom instruction, simulation, and hands-on live training.
The new-hire instruction runs Monday thru Friday, 8-hours per day. During the 8-weeks, trainees become certified in CPR, Basic First Aid, Emergency Medical Dispatch interrogation, and NCIC operations. Additionally, they learn emergency communications skills and how to operate the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and the 9-1-1 telephone system. Weekly testing is conducted throughout the training program.
Upon successful completion of training, the new-hires become full-time
9-1-1 Call Takers. Call Takers work 8-hour shifts/40-hours per week. Since 9-1-1 operates 24/7, Call Takers may be assigned to work any day of the week and on any of the three standard work day shifts.
Before being considered for training as a Dispatcher, the Call Taker must have shown proficiency in emergency call taking for at least 4-months. Dispatcher training consists of an additional 21 to 28 weeks of hands-on training at the eight (8) different dispatch consoles; Las Cruces PD1, Las Cruces PD2, Sheriff 1, Sheriff 2, Las Cruces FD, Doña Ana County FD/EMS, Sunland Park PD/FD, and Codes/Animal Control.
Finally, all MVRDA Dispatchers and Call Takers must attend a 2-week training program at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy to become State Certified as a Public Safety Telecommunicator. This training and certification must be completed within the first year of hire.
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